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Library Process for Rotating Collections

Resources to know:

UHLS staff handling rotating collections:

Mary Fellows - 437-9880 ext. 228, (overall

Amy DuBrey- 437-9880 ext. 231, (rotations, lists, notices, adding and withdrawing)

Website help: frequently asked questions, annual schedule of days collections rotate, link to collection lists, and more:
(UHLS website - Services - Rotating and Professional Collections)


✓ In delivery, you receive a new rotating collection

What you do:

  1. Check the number of the collection you have received against the email notification from Amy to make sure you have the correct collection.
  2. Follow the link in the email you received a week before the rotation date to bring up the list of items in your new collection. Print the list.
  3. Check each item received in the collection against the paper or electronic list. Make a note on your list of any items that did not arrive.
  4. Check your list against the list that arrived with the collection. Note any differences between the two.
  5. Check in all of the items that arrived with your collection.
  6. Search for any missing items in Sierra. If an item is not checked in or in transit from another library, change its status to missing and send a replacement item request to Amy at UHLS. This step does apply to any item that is in transit from "rotate"

✓ In email, you receive a first "Moving Date for _ Rotating Collections"

This email will contain a calendar file attachment of the moving date that you can upload to an online calendar. It will also contain a link to a page on the UHLS website where you can look up an item list for your current collection if you have lost the one you used when the collection first came in.

What you do:

  1. Mark your calendar for a day before the "Move" date. On that day, gather your collection.
  2. You will receive a second email with new lists for the collections you will be receiving a week after the first email. This "New Items List for _ Rotating Collections" email will tell you where to send the collections that you currently have. It will also have a link to the new lists for your incoming collections.
  3. On the day of the move, check in one or two items. Status should say T (for Transit). A pop-up box will say "Item belongs at location WXYZ," referencing the library your "New Items List" email indicates will get this collection next. If it says something different, please set the collection aside and check it on the day it should move. If on the move day the catalog says "Available" or tells you the item belongs at a different location than was noted in your email, please alert Mary Fellows or Amy DuBrey (437-9880).
  4. If you find items that are damaged or look in need of repair or repackaging, send them to UHLS, attention Amy, with a note about what it needs or a Replacement Item Request Form from the website. You can also send an email to request a replacement item to
  5. If you find that items are missing, please mark them as missing on the list that you are sending along with the collection.
  6. If you receive more than one collection of the same type (i.e. you receive two DVD collections), please keep items in the same collection all in the same bin(s). Don't put items from separate collections in the same bin. Usually, since each collection will go elsewhere, this won't be an issue.
  7. Set out the bins for your courier to pick up. The couriers have requested that all bins be labeled with the four letter code in the pocket on the outside front end of the bin, with an additional sheet of paper inside the bin labeled with the destination and the collection number (ex. PTRB/#22). Sheets of paper taped to the top of the bin tear off easily, which can cause delays in delivery.

✓ In email, you receive a link to the New Items List for _ Rotating Collections

What you do if you already have this collection:

If you already have the collection referred to by the list, then items have been added to or deleted from it. This link references an updated list that lets you know what you should have.

For example: You have DVD collection #2. In the middle of the rotation, you receive a few new items and an email with a link to an updated list of the contents of DVD collection #2. When it's time for collection #2 to move on, this is the list you will use to gather the collection.

✓ In delivery, you receive: new items for the collection you have

What you do:

  1. Check your RC email to be sure that you received a link to a new list
  2. Check the items in and put them out!

✓ In email, you receive: a recall of items in the collection you have

What you do:

Scan the items and put them in a bin to UHLS, attention Amy.

✓ You are ready to send a collection on

What you do:

  1. Check an item in to verify where this collection is going. If the location in Sierra does not match the location in your email, contact Amy.
  2. Print out the list of its contents.
  3. Check what you're packing against your list.
    a. If an item's status is "Available" but it's not with the collection, look for it. If it is missing, note it on the list as "missing."
    b. If an item's status is "In transit," search for it in Sierra. If the item is in transit from "Rotate," mark the item on your list as missing. If it's in transit from another library, note that on your list.
  4. Enclose your marked up list with the collection when you send it on.

Be sure to alert us if:

You receive a collection you do not think you should have

You have not received your next rotating collection, and it is the Tuesday (after you've received delivery) following a rotation

You wish to suspend, add or no longer get collections

Questions? Ask us!

Mary Fellows - 437-9880 ext. 228, (overall

Amy DuBrey- 437-9880 ext. 231, (rotations, lists, notices, adding and withdrawing)

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