Get Started with OverDrive

Get Started with OverDrive

eBooks & Audiobooks

  • Check out up to 10 items at a time.
  • The default loan period is 14-days (maximum loan period is 21 days).
  • If there is no waiting list, you can renew an item one time.
  • Place up to 14 requests.
  • Never any late fees! When the loan period expires, you will be prompted to delete the item from your device.

What you need:

  • Valid library card. Please note: Upper Hudson Library System cards expire every three years. Check with your home library if you are unable to sign in—it is likely your information needs to be updated.
  • Valid email address
  • OverDrive app or the new Libby app (Please note: Libby is the new app for OverDrive—the old app is still supported, but it is recommended you use one or the other because they do not sync).

If you do not have a mobile device, you can read eBooks or listen to audiobooks over Wi-Fi in your internet browser. You can also download software to your Windows or Mac computer to read ebooks or listen to audiobooks.

OverDrive Help Guides

Online guides for getting started with various devices can be found on the OverDrive Devices Profiles page.

Printable “Getting Started” Guides:

Streaming Video

Stream over 300 popular motion pictures right to your computer or mobile device. You can check out a streaming video for up to seven days with no late fees. For more information, see this Getting Started guide.


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