Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, December 5, 2003 At UHLS

Attending: Nancy Pieri (BETH); Carol Trager (BRUN); Deborah Canzano (COHS); Pat Nonamaker (EGRN); Barbara Nichols Randall (GUIL); Carol Gaillard (HOOF); Pat Sahr (NASS); Margie Morris (POES); Judy Felsten (RCSC); Rebecca Lubin (RVLL); Barbara Kubli (STEP); Paul Hicok (TROY); Phil Ritter (UHLS); Gail Sacco (VOOR)

Visitors: None

Meeting convened at 9:05am

Motion (Nichols Randall, Lubin) to approve November 14, 2003 minutes with the following amendments: First item under UHLS - Change SUNY Ovis to SUNY Olis; Change sentence to read “The position had to be reclassified due to the responsibilities and salary.” Carried.

UHLS: Phil Ritter
· Manager of Automation Services – Joe Thornton will begin on December 15th.
· Automated Services Committee – meeting on December 9. This is a change in the schedule.
· Library Advocacy Advisory Council – meeting on December 11th.
· Annual report workshop to be held on December 16th. There is still space available.
· Customer Service Workshop on December 18th at 9:00am. Call Rachel for more information.
· All meetings for the UHLS Board and committees are canceled for December.
· Autobiography of a Yogi – 10 donated copies available. Call Phil.
· Outreach Mini-Grant reports are due to Rachel by December 19th.
· Phone bills for erate will be due to Rachel. She will be sending out a notice for them.
· Dynix
o Upgrade to 7.3 not 7.3.1 as previously reported.
o Horizon 7.3 should be loaded on machines and tested to make sure they work in preparation of upgrade on December 11th.
o Item specific request – a comment box for patron to note what volume they want in a multi-volume item. This would appear on the pull list. It needs to be discussed by ASC to determine the best way to deal with this issue.
o Discussion of the need for standardization for inputting information for multi-volume items.
o Negotiation with Dynix for maintenance contract – The contract will start on February 1, 2004 for equipment. The software maintenance contract will begin on July 1, 2004.
o Telecirc is working well in TROY, COLN, ALTM. GUIL reports several problems. All problems should be reported to Rob.
o State Report – Rawdon is working with Dynix to resolve this issue.
o Email notices – Jonathan is working on this. Dynix gave him instructions but he has not been able to get it to work properly.
o Remainder of Dynix contract – Phil has agreed with Dynix on the number of training days and custom program hours left on the contract. They need to be used by June 30, 2004. Acquisitions and serials modules needs to be installed and training held by June 30, 2004.

UHLS Administration: N. Pieri
No meeting

Services: R. Jaquay
No meeting

Finance Committee & UHLS Board: J. Cannell
No meeting

Central Library: J. Cannell
No report. See Albany Public Library website for architectural report.

Shared Purchase of Databases
Some libraries purchase databases above what is provided through UHLS and NYS. Libraries are interested in trying to coordinate purchases to receive a lower rate.
Motion (Sacco, Nichols Randall) Adult Services should investigate shared database purchases for any interested libraries. Carreid.

Nonrequest Videos
There was discussion regarding this issue and about asking APLM to make their videos requestable. APLM has concerns about length of hold periods in some libraries and tying up videos for longer than necessary. Some libraries stated that they send their videos to APLM.

Nuts & Bolts:
GUIL: Radio Disney salesperson has contacted them and would like to do a combined marketing with public libraries. The costs are very high at this point. Barbara is still talking to him about doing something. The salesperson has also visited EGRN. GUIL will be opening later on December 17th due to staff development day. They will be open for after school hours.
STEP: Barbara asked questions about usage of Roberts Rules of Order for library boards. She also asked about sizes of library boards and whether everyone’s board seconded motions. Everyone said they did second motions.
BETH: They will be closed on December 18th for the next phase of the renovation.
RVLL: Greenery Sale on December 6th. They will be selling their new ornaments there. Open House on December 14th.
COHS: The Girl Scouts will be decorating the tree. On January 2, 2004 they will have the Poppytown Puppets perform at the library.

Old Business:

New Business:

Motion ( Trager, Kubli) Meeting adjourned 10:25am. Next meeting January 9, 2004 (2nd Friday) at UHLS.