Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, September 5, 2003 At UHLS

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM); Ginny LaJuene (ALTM); Nancy Pieri (BETH); Carol Trager (BRUN); Darlene Miller (CAST); Bob Jaquay (COLN); Barbara Nichols Randall (GUIL); Carol Gaillard (HOOF); Margie Morris (POES); Judy Felsten (RCSC); Rebecca Lubin (RVLL); Phil Ritter (UHLS); Barbara Schoen (WVLT)

Visitors: None

Meeting convened at 9:00am.

Motion: (Nichols Randall, Schoen) to approve August 8, 2003 minutes. Carried.

UHLS: Phil Ritter
· Movie Licensing USA – UHLS proposes a group purchase of movie licenses.
Motion: (Pieri, Nichols Randall) UHLS should pursue the purchase of movie licenses. Carried.
· Workshop Ideas – Distributed list of proposed workshops for 2004.
Motion: (Pieri, Cannell) Jo-Ann Benedetti should proceed with survey to determine workshops for 2004. Carried.
· New York Times “Get Out the Vote” – proposed partnership to display materials/information to encourage voting
Motion: (Nichols Randall, Trager) UHLS should proceed with “Get Out the Vote” program. Carried.
· Pool Collection – Pool Collection Planning Committee met to review budget for 2004.
Motion: (Schoen, Gaillard) Approve recommendations of Pool Collection Planning Committee. Carried.
· Riverway Storytelling Festival – April 25th to May 1st. Hudson River Bank & Trust donated $1000. If anyone has questions or concerns about this event they should contact Mary Fellows.
· Database Maintenance Advisory Council – reconvening council. There is a subcommittee dealing with cataloging. They will bring recommendations to Directors’ Association. Next council meeting is
September 18th at 2:00 at UHLS.
· Selection Committee for Manager of Automation Services – There have been 27 applications and only 2 of those people were qualified. The next meeting of the committee will be September 16th. The applications have been received from all over the country. The position will stay open until it is filled by a qualified person. Summer may not have been good time to post the position. Fall may bring more qualified candidates.
· LSTA Grant – Sky Camp was the only approved. Funding was reduced from $62,000 to $40,000. Two libraries from UHLS and two from MVLA had to be cut out of this grant due to the funding.
· Construction Grants – Phil just became aware of them on September 4th when they were posted. More information can be found on the DLD website. There does not appear to be any changes. They have been trying to get DLD to reduce the minimum amount to below $2500, but it remains at $5000 per project. This leaves many small libraries out of the eligibility. The deadline for getting the information to Phil is October 17th. It will be presented to the UHLS Board at the November 12th meeting.
· Literacy Grants – No grants were awarded to UHLS libraries
· Library Journal Surveys – if you are interested in completing one, contact Phil.
· Library Advocacy Advisory Council – last year they worked on county funding. Is this worth the effort? The consensus is to continue the council. They may need to change the time that it meets.

· Dynix
o Phil had been sending out the Dynix issues list weekly, but they are now having conference calls every other week.
o As of August 29th , there were 8 open issues, 4 have been moved to the resolved list, 1 will be fixed with the new release, and 3 remain open. Dynix says they will be fixed with the new 7.3 release. Portal 2.1 will be done soon as that needs to be done first. Version 7.3 should be done by the end of the month. Phil will push to do the upgrade soon.
o There are some hardware issues. The new version requires a higher level. In 7.3 there is more function at the local level rather than the system level. Dynix says that with older hardware, the load up will be longer but once loaded, it functions at the same speed it does now. (Laughter ensued)
o Dynix wants to get UHLS out of the implementation phase. UHLS has one free year of maintenance after the system is considered installed. UHLS does not consider it installed as there are still too many problems.
o The T-1 line has been installed and is up and running. They are in the testing and configuration phase. On September 23rd , they will move over to the T-1 line and off of Roadrunner.

UHLS Administration: N. Pieri
· Agreed to amended job description for automation services manager
· CIPA – discussion as to whether to comply or not – discussion will continue

· New meeting time – One hour before UHLS Board meeting. Bob Jaquay will be the new representative.

Finance Committee & UHLS Board: J. Cannell
· State funds had been received and distributed
· New trustee sworn in
· Discussion of CIPA and need for further discussion

Central Library: J. Cannell
· Distributed flyer for event on September 21st.
· Advisory meeting September 17th
· Intellectual Freedom Forum at the end of Banned Books Week.

Nuts & Bolts:
GUIL: Holding a 7-week series with the local FBI for communities, starts at the end of September.
POES: Shared brass ornament of library being sold by Friends of Poestenkill Library
BRUN: They had not received $1000 from Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation. BRUN was told to apply for it and they did receive the money. The application packet was very large. HRB&T Foundation meets every month so they can act on submitted grants regularly.

Old Business:

New Business:
Nancy Pieri asked if anyone knew anything about the Roadrunner backup that can be used on all PCs (not just free RR machines) when everything else is down. Barbara Nichols Randall said that it does not work.

Motion: (Jaquay, Schoen) Meeting adjourned 10:00am. Next meeting October 3, 2003 at UHLS.