Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, August 9, 2002 At UHLS  

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM); Nancy Pieri (BETH); Carol Trager (BRUN); Darlene Miller (CAST); Bob Jaquay (COLN); Pat Nonamaker (EGRN); Barbara Nichols Randall (GUIL); Carol Gaillard (HOOF); Pat Sahr (NASS); Margie Morris (POES); Judy Felsten (RCSC); Paul Hicok (TROY); Phil Ritter (UHLS); Bobbi Crowther (VAFL); Gail Sacco (VOOR); Barbara Schoen (WVLT)

Visitors: Jo-Ann Benedetti (UHLS); Mary Fellows (UHLS); Sara Dallas (UHLS); Richard Naylor (COLN); John Fallon (

Meeting convened at 9:05am.
Presentation on Live Homework Help by John Fallon, president of Proposal for UHLS was distributed.


Motion: (Schoen, Cannell,) to approve June 7, 2002 minutes. Carried.

Welcomed Darlene Miller as new director of Castleton Library.

UHLS: Phil Ritter

· Pool Collection (Mary Fellows) – distributed recommendations for next year’s budget made by the Pool Collection Planning Committee (also posted on Intranet). Everyone agreed to approve recommendations.

· Chapter-A-Day Books (Mary Fellows) – distributed proposal to renew existing book clubs at a cost of $1000 per year for UHLS (same as last year). Everyone agreed to approve recommendations.

· Proposed Library/Bookstore Collaboration (Jo-Ann Benedetti) – Rachel researched an idea presented to her by VOOR. They suggested that UHLS coordinate an effort to give out book club book lists to area bookstores and to help libraries and bookstores work together. Rachel distributed suggested ideas for collaboration and a policy regarding this from Vancouver. There was discussion as to whether this should be a responsibility of UHLS (especially with the new system coming on) or whether individual libraries should develop a relationship with bookstores in their area.

Motion: (Schoen, Pieri) Recommend postponing the discussion regarding Library/Bookstore Collaboration until August 2003. Carried.

· 2003 UHLS Workshops (Jo-Ann Benedetti) – distributed continuing education possibilities draft for approval to be sent out to member libraries for ranking in order to determine which workshops to hold.

Motion: (Trager, Felsten) Recommend distributing list of continuing education workshop possibilities, as presented, to member libraries for ranking. This should be returned to UHLS by the end of September. Carried.

· RFP for Courier Services (Sara Dallas) – UHLS Board has voted to continue the contract with Velocity for two years. UHLS expressed satisfaction with the drivers that serve the UHLS system and Velocity has stated that these drivers will be recognized for that service.

· Revision of the UHLS Board Bylaws – UHLS Board has drafted a complete rewriting of their bylaws (posted on the Intranet). The two areas that affect the Directors’ Association specifically are: making the DA representative to the Board an official voting member and the DA representative on each committee an official voting member. These changes can be voted on at the next UHLS Board meeting scheduled for September 11, 2002. Other changes include changes in what constitutes a quorum and majority of Board needed for a vote. (Currently there are 13 members on the Board and 7 votes are needed to pass). Also the Board president would have the right to vote, currently that person only votes in case of a tie.

A change in the UHLS Board bylaws will affect the Directors’ Association bylaws. Pat Nonamaker, Jeff Cannell, and Nancy Pieri worked on a draft revision. That draft is attached at the end of these minutes and will be discussed at the next meeting but no action will be taken until after the UHLS Board has had their vote.

· Books by Mail (Sara Dallas) –This service has been discontinued and there is $11,000 previously spent on Books by Mail that needs to be spent this year. UHLS proposes signing up with Learning Express Online Courses which allows access to online practice tests through a website. These tests include: academic, adult basic skills, civil service exams, cosmetology, EMS, firefighter, law enforcement, military, real estate, U.S. citizenship, graduate school entrance and teaching. This serves many age levels and community residents. The cost is $15, 570 per year. Phil has been able to find the $4,470 needed to make up the difference for this year.

Motion: (Jaquay, Gaillard) Recommend that UHLS purchase this product.

· Training Specialist – UHLS had 34 applicants for this position. Ten or twelve of them were extremely well qualified. The Selection Committee narrowed the field down to six for interviews. The last interview was held on August 8, and one candidate has been selected but there is a backup, if necessary. They are in the process of verifying references now.

· Classification Study – Singer Group completed the study and presented it to the UHLS Board but no action has been taken yet. It will be discussed at the September UHLS Board meeting.

UHLS Administration: N. Pieri
All topics have already been covered by Phil’s report.

Services: J. Felsten
There was discussion regarding bidders for the courier contract. No UHLS Board members were in attendance.

Finance Committee: J. Cannell

· Mid-year course corrections made to UHLS budget.

· RFP sent to different banks, including SEFCU

Automated Services Committee: N. Pieri (Reported by P. Ritter)

· Only four voting members were present

· Discussed the number of IP addresses top be made available – up to three per facility. ASC will need to look at and approve anything more than three.

· VAX mail will be discontinued on September 18, 2002. Make sure anyone still using this has a new program available by then.

Central Library: J. Cannell
The request for rechartering for the Albany Public Library will be on the Board of Regents agenda for September.

Directors’ Association Conference: C. Trager
"Can We Be Ethical Patriots?" The conference will be help on October 4, 2002 at Hudson Valley Community College. It is being co-sponsored by the HVCC Library. Flyers will be distributed next week. UHLS Consultants and member library trustees are invited.

Nuts & Bolts:
COLN: Opera program is offering a trip to Glimmerglass. Bob will send information out to all libraries

HOOF: 175th Anniversary for the town. Carol had three programs lined up but only one actually showed up.

GUIL: They have 35 Currier & Ives lithographs on exhibit.

RCSC: Their model of the Halfmoon is going into a display at the Albany International Airport for one year.

TROY: Grand Re-opening of the Lansingburgh branch scheduled for September.

Old Business:

New Business:

· Epixtech training to be help the last week of October & first week of November. A schedule will be given soon.

· Discussion regarding need to change meeting dates for Directors’ Association for November and December.

o October 4th - Directors’ Association Conference at HVCC

o November 15th

o December 13th


Motion: (Jaquay, Trager) Meeting adjourned 11:05. Next meeting September 6, 2002 at UHLS.


Upper Hudson Library System


By-Laws of the Directors’ Association of the Upper Hudson Library System


Article I. NAME
The name of this organization shall be the Directors’ Association of the Upper Hudson Library System (UHLS).

The purpose shall be to address the needs and concerns of member libraries; to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas; to encourage the dissemination of information in the field of library management and to forward consensus recommendations to the Upper Hudson Library System.

The Association shall be open to the head or acting head of each member library or reading room. Administrators and consultants of the Upper Hudson Library System are welcome to attend as non-voting guests.

The officers will include a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a secretary and a delegate to the UHLS Board of Trustees. The chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary will be elected annually. The delegate to the Upper Hudson Library System Board will be elected for a five-year term.

A. The chairperson will preside at all meetings, authorize calls for special meetings, appoint representatives and committees and prepare agendas.

B. The vice-chairperson will serve in the absence of the chairperson and as a Liaison to the Upper Hudson Library System.

C. The secretary will record and distribute the minutes, distribute agendas, and provide notices for all meetings. Minutes shall be automatically distributed to all members and to the Director of the UHLS.

D. The liaison delegate to the UHLS Board will attend the UHLS Board meetings to convey Association concerns and positions to the UHLS Board and to report to the Association information from the UHLS Board meetings. serve on the UHLS Board of Trustees to represent and speak for the member libraries and report back to the Association. If the delegate resigns from a member library and/or from the UHLS board, the Directors’ Association will appoint a replacement to complete the term.

E. Representatives shall include a Nominating Committee to be appointed by the Chair no later than April. The committee will prepare a slate of candidates for office prior to the annual meeting.

F. A Nominating Committee will present the slate of candidates for office for election annually in June. Additional candidates may be nominated from the floor. Officers are elected by a majority vote of those members present. The term for officers is one year coinciding coincides with the Annual Meeting of the Upper Hudson Library System. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the Chairperson.

G. The Chair will appoint a Services Committee Liaison who will attend the meetings of a delegate to serve on each of the UHLS Board’s Services, Finance, and Administration Committees to present issues, represent member libraries and to report to the Association items that should be brought to the attention of the members represent and speak for member libraries and report back to the Association. A committee delegate shall be appointed to serve for one year.

Article V. QUORUM
The members of the Directors’ Association present at meetings shall be considered a quorum. One more than half of those members present shall be considered a majority.

At least five meetings a year shall be held. The days may be rotated and the time shall be established by consensus.

The officers shall act as an Executive Board to make decisions between meetings if necessary.

The Association shall endorse The Library Bill of Rights and The Librarian’s code of Ethics as published by the American Library Association. (Attached)

Amendments to these By-Laws may be made by a majority vote at any regular meeting provided that the proposed change or changes shall have been submitted to all members at the previous regular meeting and a copy of the proposed change or changes are part of the call of the meeting.

Robert’s Rules of Order as last revised shall be followed when applicable.

Motion: Robert Jaquay, William K. Sanford Town Library

Second: Paul Hicok, Troy Public Library

Passed at the June 2, 1995 meeting.