Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, March 1, 2002 At UHLS

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM); Ginny LaJuene (ALTM); Nancy Pieri (BETH); Carol Trager (BRUN); Deborah Canzano (COHS); Bob Jaquay (COLN); Pat Nonamaker (EGRN); Barbara Nichols Randall (GUIL); Carol Gaillard (HOOF); Lenny Zapala (MEND); Pat Sahr (NASS); Daryl McCarthy (NGRN); Margie Morris (POES); Judy Felsten (RCSC); Rebecca Lubin (RVLL); Barbara Kubli (STEP); Phil Ritter (UHLS); Bobbi Crowther (VAFL); Barbara Schoen (WVLT); Elaine Albrecht (WSTR)

Visitors: Sara Dallas (UHLS)

Meeting convened at 9:00am


Motion: (Cannell, Felsten) to approve February 1, 2002 minutes. Carried.

UHLS: Phil Ritter

Motion: (Kubli, Morris) Delete statement at the bottom of the lost item receipt and replace with “see back for instructions”. Carried.

       Agency Cards – “Some libraries issue agency cards (bar-coded cards given to nursing homes & day care centers). One library thinks agency cards should be valid at the home library only, and that it is up to the individual library to waive or accept any fines that might accrue. What does the Directors’ Association think?” Overall opinion is that these cards should not be fine exempt, they are valid only at home library (Lenny Zapala suggests keeping the cards on file at the home library), and should be red-lined under barcode. Barbara Kubli asked about agencies using ILL online to get books from other libraries. Nancy Pieri clarified that the home library would be responsible for books lost by the agency.
Patron email addresses – “One library thinks that libraries need to remove the email addresses, or update them, of their own patrons if the addresses are incorrect. The group also thinks that the Notes field should be used to remind staff to ask the patron for a new email address. What does the Directors’ Association think of this?” A problem that has come up is that notices are being returned to libraries from patrons that have not updated email address changes. The Notes field is for use by the home library and can be used to alert staff to ask for corrections.

UHLS Board: P. Nonamaker

UHLS Finance: P. Nonamaker
No report

UHLS Administration: N. Pieri
No report

Services: J. Felsten
No meeting held

Automated Services Committee: N. Pieri

Central Library: J. Cannell

Nuts & Bolts:
ALTM: On Sunday (3/3) at the Berne-Knox High School, the Albany Berkshire Ballet will present Dance in the Hills. The library teamed with the Berne-Knox PTA to make this performance available. Also, the library has hooked up with Community Care Givers to help make aware and provide services to homebound residents.

RCSC: Held 2nd of three Community Advisory Committee meetings – Judy had difficulty getting members to make the connection that library services are part of community services.

STEP: Interviewing architects for new addition/renovation. NYLA is supposed to provide free consultation by an architect to NYLA members. Barbara contacted them and an architect got right back to her but never showed up .

COLN: A project 10 years in the making is getting underway. The library will have a ceiling replacement, new lights and new carpeting.

COHS: They are doing a major weeding of nonfiction (30-40%). Jeff Cannell said she could send books to the Book Cellar.

GUIL: Guilderland Library Foundation, which began in the summer, has produced a brochure and has been canvassing the neighborhoods for support. As a result, they will be getting a member item grant for TTY and phone line and to replace the amplifier in the community room.

Old Business:

Motion: (Felsten, Kubli) Audio-Visual Pool Collection rotation should continue during the process of distributing discontinued pool collections. Carried. (1 nay)

Motion: (Canzano, Trager) If needed, UHLS should suspend book pool collection distribution during the process of distributing discontinued pool collections. Carried.

New Business:

Motion: (Zapala, LaJuene) Meeting adjourned 10:50am. Next meeting April 5, 2002 at UHLS.