Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, June 1, 2001 At UHLS

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM); Helen King (ALTM); Carol Trager (BRUN); Deborah Canzano (COHS); Bob Jaquay (COLN); Pat Nonamaker (EGRN); Carol Hamblin (GUIL); Carol Gaillard (HOOF); Lenny Zapala (MEND); Pat Sahr (NASS); Sharon Hodges (PTRB); Margie Morris (POES); Rebecca Lubin (RVLL); Barbara Kubli (STEP); Phil Ritter (UHLS); Bobbi Crowther (VAFL)

Meeting convened at 9:05 am.


Motion (Hamblin, Cannell) to approve May 4, 2001 minutes. Carried.

UHLS: Phil Ritter

UHLS Board: P. Nonamaker

UHLS Finance: P. Nonamaker

UHLS is operating on reserve fund – UHLS can make it through the summer but then would have to borrow money if state funds are not received.

UHLS Administration: N. Pieri

See UHLS Board

Interest Groups: P. Nonamaker

YSS – pre-meeting with small libraries, primarily about publicity; summary of brainstorming from previous meeting; UHLS will try to coordinate programs; revamping book review process; wants to provide bibliographies for subjects.

Services: J. Felsten

No report

Automated Services Committee: N. Pieri

(Report provided by P. Nonamaker) Meeting was primarily about site visits for automation systems. Epixtech is flying Richard Naylor & Marcia Middleton to Indianapolis (6/20 –6/21) to see another site as the previous site was a fairly new installation and the users could not answer many questions. Both systems will give a presentation to the evaluation team at UHLS on 6/25. All are welcome to come and observe but this is specifically for the team to ask questions.

There was discussion about the issues with both programs.

Central Library: J. Cannell

Nuts & Bolts:
COLN: Summer reading program looks great – see website for more information. They have been having a “Stumper” in the newsletter and on the website. It is very popular.
RVLL: Annual cocktail party fundraiser at the Rensselaerville Institute on June 16th.
GUIL: Piano use for recitals – very busy, 7 recitals scheduled – all are open to the public.
COHS: Needs a program for spaying/neutering for feral cats in city.
NASS: $1000 form Hudson River Bank & Trust
STEP: Asked about anyone having trouble with people conducting business in the library (realtors meeting clients). Consensus is that is it a public space and as long as it is not illegal it should be okay.
BRUN: Library vote on school ballot went down by 2 votes. There was a nice article in The Record about the Outreach Program to Brunswick ARC.
POES: New website with pictures of new library.
HOOF: Will be getting help for their website from Claude.

New Business:

Motion (King, Sahr) Meeting adjourned 10:45 am. Next meeting July 7, 2001 at UHLS.