Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, February 2, 2001

Attending: Helen King (ALTM); Nancy Pieri (BETH); Bob Jaquay (COLN); Carol Hamblin (GUIL); Carol Gaillard (HOOF); Lenny Zapala (MEND); Pat Sahr (NASS); Judy Feltsen (RSCS); Barbara Kubli (STEP); Bobbi Crowther (VAFL); Suzanne Fisher (VOOR); Barbara Schoen (WVLT).

Visitors: Phil Ritter(UHLS); Mary Fellows (UHLS); Sara Dallas (UHLS)

Meeting convened at 9 am.

Carol Hamblin made the motion to approve the January 2001 minutes. Barbara Schoen seconded the motion and it was carried.

UHLS: P. Ritter
Phil Ritter introduced Mary Fellows and she spoke about her desire to make an excellent Youth Services Department and to work with the directors toward that end.

The Technology Plan was approved. Helen King made the motion, Nancy Pieri seconded it. There was no discussion and it carried. The Plan of Service will be due in June.

Numbers Tell the Story, February 6 and 7, will be taped and information from the workshop will be available on the web site.

Discussion of Annual Report
Heidi Fuge wanted to know if we should continue producing 400 copies of the report. There were 17 reponses to an e-mail that she sent out. 9 wanted to continue and 8 wanted to do away with it.
After much discussion about the value of the annual report and other ways to present the information and statistics Barbara Kubli moved that the annual report maintain the current format while other options are looked at. Barbara Schoen seconded the motion. After some further discussion about libraries who don't send in reports the motion was carried. Barbara Schoen said that reports in access of 300 words should be sent back to the libraries rather than have Heidi edit them. Pat Sahr said that a statement listing the libraries that did not submit reports should be attached.

Jo-Ann Benedetti sent a reminder to do publicity for Fabrics of Freedom.

The Automation Demos are set for 9 am at UHLS: February 26 DRA/TAOS; March 1 III; March 12 VTLS; March 13 EpixTech; and March 21 Sirsi. Phil said that VTLS and Sirsi are not beg contenders so they could be missed. Directors should try to come to DRA/TAOS, III, and EpixTech. Demonstrations will be held at 9 and 2. Each demo should last about 1 hour with hands on after it. A maximum of 3 people per library per demo is encouraged.

Applications have been received for the Training and Technology Specialists. The search committee is composed of Sara Dallas, chairperson, Karen Nuckolls, Rawdon Cheng, Nancy Pieri, Helen King, and Marcia Middleton.

Jo-Ann Benedetti will do training for on line data bases.

Applications for the Supplemental Aid for Libraries grant are due February 13.

Library Wars held at Bethlehem was well received but some people were offended that it was delayed 1 hour due to freezing rain.

The Annual Report workshop held at the Albany Public Library was the State Library's workshop. Sara reported that no library should try to put information on the site because the information will probably be lost due to some problems at Library Place.

The computer workshops that are a part of the LSTA Grant applied for by Karen Knuckolls will be held in March and April.

UHLS Board: no report

UHLS Finance: no report

UHLS Administration: no report

Interest Groups: no reports

Services: no report

Automated Services Committee:
There are no renewals from remote locations. There are technical difficulties with Road Runner. RFPs were discussed, but there will be no eliminations taken until after the demos.

Central Library: no report

Nuts & Bolts:
Archa Wachowicz from RVLL resigned. She has had problems with her board for a long time. Education of the Board of Trustees needs to be done with all new trustees.

Castleton needs a director.

Helen King reported that the Berkshire Ballet would hold a dance performance at the elementary school as a part of the New York State Council on Arts Decentralization program.

Carol Hamblin reported that Bob Freeman will speak at Guilderland February 17 10:30 - noon.

Colonie & Bethlehem are opening their audios and videos to the general public.

Old Business
The Times Union representative did not come.

Nancy Pieri, Pat Nonamaker and Amy at Albany Public comprise a committee on standards (rules and regulations from library to library).

New Business: none

Barbara Kubli moved that the meeting be adjourned. Helen King seconded it. Next meeting will be 9 am March 2, 2001 at UHLS.

Carol Gaillard
Cheney Library
PO Box 177
Hoosick Falls, NY 12090