Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, August 4, 2000 at Sand Lake Library

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Judy Feltsen (RCSC), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Carol Hamblin (GUIL), Paul Hicok (TROY), Bob Jaquay (COLN), Helen King (ALTM), Barbara Kubli (STEP) Daryl McCarthy (NGRN), Jane Minotti (SNLK), Margie Morris (POES), Pat Nonamaker (EGRN), Nancy Pieri (BETH), Gail Sacco (VOOR), Pat Sahr (NASS), Barbara Schoen, (WVLT), Carol Trager (BRUN), Lenny Zapala (MEND) Visitors: Phil Ritter (UHLS)

Meeting convened at 9:05 am

Minutes:Motion (Kubli, Schoen) to approve July 14, 2000 minutes. Carried.

UHLS: P. Ritter

Survey needs to be returned by August 14th. He would like to have a response return of at least 75%.

Staff survey - this will be confidential. The first batch is due September 1st. Nancy Pieri clarified that this is expected to be an ongoing process throughout the year.

Phil will be out next week and will return on August 14th.

UHLS Board: P. Nonamaker

No meeting in August.

UHLS Finance: P. Nonamaker

No meeting in August.

UHLS Administration: N. Pieri

Next meeting August 14th at 3:00pm.

Interest Groups: P. Nonamaker

No meeting in August.

Services: J. Feltsen

No meeting in August.

Automated Services Committee: N. Pieri

Meeting held 7/18. Next meeting is August 22nd @ 9:00 am @ UHLS.

Worked on revision of the checklist and timeline for an integrated automated library system. These will be used to prepare the RFP. The draft of the checklist will be put on the Intranet.

Email notices for overdues and requests are possible. The email field should be filled in during the registration process. The expiration date also needs to be entered as this automatically initiates the email. EGRN has set this up for 2 people - the problem at this time is that no paperwork is generated to tell them which notices have been sent. Also overdues and requests go out together. There is no way to separate them yet. BETH is going to try this internally with staff. Rawdon is working on a daily report that would notify each library which emails have been sent.

Pat Nonamaker suggested that a subcommittee of small libraries be created to help keep them informed and in the process during the discussions regarding a new automation system. A rotating system could be put in place as it is difficult for the smaller libraries to attend each meeting. After some discussion, the smaller libraries felt they were comfortable with reading the minutes of the ASC on the Intranet and calling someone on the committee if they have questions/suggestions.

Gail Sacco would like a discussion on the issue of Intranet for individual libraries to be put on the appropriate agenda - either ASC or Web group.

Central Library: J. Cannell

Next meeting of Central Library Committee will be September 20th @ 9:00 am @ Albany Public Library.

Online requests continue to be a great hit.

Café is doing well

Pat Sahr noted that the Books in Print presentation at APLM was good and that this service would be especially beneficial to small libraries.

Nuts & Bolts:

RCSC: Judy asked if other libraries were having difficulty with Baker & Taylor filling orders. Others have had trouble and it was suggested that they try Brodart.

STEP: Barbara stated that having the ILL services from UHLS offered later in the day is a great help.

VOOR: Gail attended ALA conference regarding Internet Responsibility. Libraries are culpable if a patron gets into trouble using the Internet from a library terminal. There is a possible need for liability insurance for directors and officers because of this. Several libraries said that they had insurance from Council Community Services. She has the name of someone that could present this information to us if desired.

GUIL: Carol announced that effective the Sunday after Labor Day, her library will be open from 1:00pm to 8:00pm on Sundays. There was discussion regarding Sunday hours and the effect it will have on UHLS services and maintenance.

SNLK: Jane reported that she has an opening for a part-time children’s librarian.

COLN: Bob is looking for a “substitute librarian” to be available to fill in for absences. There was discussion about creating a list of substitutes that everyone could have access to. It was determined that substituting for library positions is much more difficult now with the automated system. If a sub doesn’t use it regularly, it is hard to keep up.

Old Business:

Directors’ Conference - Pat Nonamaker reported that it will be held on Friday, October 20th at the Troy Country Club. The cost is expected to be $40.00 per person. Possible topics are: Policies for Better Management - to include unattended children, problem patrons, crisis management, and use of meeting rooms; E-Books; censorship and filtering issues; and humor in the workplace.

New Business:

Times Union - libraries are having difficulty getting information printed in the TU, sometimes it doesn’t go in and other times it is incorrect. We do not pay for this services and the newspaper is not always cooperative.

Motion: (Hicok, Hamblin) The Executive Committee of the Directors’ Association should sit down with the Times Union editors to work out these issues. Carried

Gail Sacco suggested that UHLS purchase space in the paper for a column. It was decided to address this at a later date.

Meeting adjourned 10:45 am. Next meeting September 8th at UHLS.