Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, April 7, 2000 at East Greenbush Community Library

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Judy Felsten (RCSC), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Carol Hamblin (GUIL), Bob Jaquay (COLN), Helen King (ALTM), Daryl McCarthy (NGRN), Jane Minotti (SNDL), Margie Morris (POES), Pat Nonamaker (EGRN), Nancy Pieri (BETH), Gail Sacco (VOOR), Barbara Schoen (WTVT), Archa Wachowicz (RVLL)
Visitors: Sara Dallas (UHLS), Richard Naylor (COLN)

Meeting convened 9:10 am.

Motion (Hamblin, King) to approve March 3, 2000 minutes. Carried.

UHLS, S. Dallas
CDLC has thousands of bookends to give away. Contact Sara if you can use them.
NYS Budget: Please call your legislators and ask them to support Libraries 2001. Libraries have not had a funding increase since 1991.
Regents Commission on Library Services will be holding hearings at APL on April 26, 1 - 7 p.m. Let your voice be heard on the Commission's draft statewide policy recommendations.
LSTA: meeting at UHLS to solicit member library input on 2001 LSTA grants, April 14, 10 am - Noon.
Public performance rights videos: (see YS Interest Group below).
Troy Music Hall grant was not funded. Sara will continue to pursue the grant, perhaps to host an Irish Heritage festival that would include music, folk art and literature.
UHLS is purchasing a/v even though there is no a/v consultant.

DRA Users Group Conference, R. Naylor
TAOS: There are currently 10 sites running TAOS. It offers significant advantages over the Classic system. Many ease-of-use features are being added. Richard recommends requesting a formal price quotation from DRA since we will soon be considering migration to TAOS or another system.
Web2: New version has a new feature that allows location limiting for keyword searches. This allows patrons to check books in the home libraries more easily. The back button will work properly. Several other improvements are scheduled.
TAOS circulation: The modules will be integrated, e.g., staff will be able to go directly from a circulation transaction to patron reserves.
TAOS policies: Policies can be set either globally or locally and at many different levels.
DRA Classic: Next version (due this summer) will have a global search and replace function. It should be able to limit by call number. Renewals are being simplified for multiple items so it will no longer be necessary to go back to the "has list" each time. Will be able to add PINs at the "quick reg" screen. In Gateway, patrons will be able to display their position in a reserve queue. Due date can be shown on the first screen of holdings display. DEC talk, the automated phone renewal program, should be ready in two months. It can also be used for automated calling of reserves.

Richard recommends we make a list of what we want in an automation system and use it to evaluate all potential systems. He felt some of our automation problems could be resolved by networking with other libraries using DRA. He indicated there was no "real" directors track at the conference, several TAOS programs were only available to TAOS users, some programs were repeated from last year and in general, the conference was not as helpful as last year. Contact Richard for full report.

UHLS Board, J. Cannell
No report. B. Jaquay will consider serving as DA liaison at UHLS Board meetings because Jeff has schedule conflicts.

UHLS Administration, N. Pieri
Draft customer service surveys were distributed. Several revisions were recommended. It will be distributed in early fall.
A commercial realtor investigated UHLS real estate expenses. UHLS is paying $11/sf for their space, which is considered "older and well maintained." Similar properties are going for $12/sf. UHLS can only rent to non-profits. The committee will investigate the possibility of adding another tenant. UHLS is considered too small to hire a property management group to relieve the director of property management duties.
UHLS is looking into possibility of using parking lot across the street.
COLA - Sara is conducting a survey of library COLA's for 2001 so UHLS Board can keep staff's in line with member libraries. Please take the time to respond.

Interest Groups, P. Nonamaker
A/V Greg Haymes, Times Union music critic is coming to BETH April 21, 9:30 am.
YS Much discussion on public performance rights videos. Sara, although not at the meeting, had indicated that she was reluctant to buy ppr videos because they are not used. UHLS has not distributed a list of available items for many years but is presently compiling one. Several libraries felt strongly that UHLS should be purchasing these. Sara has decided a meeting of YS and A/V is needed to determine what ppr videos member libraries want UHLS to purchase.
ILL Revising ILL code.
REF Next meeting May 4. Agenda: grant writing.
WEB Inaugural meeting March 23 at COLN was well received. Approximately 20 people attended. Laura Cohen, Webmaster for SUNYA libraries, presented tips for designing effective sites. Future meeting date TBA.

Services, J. Felsten
Program of Year will be announced next month. Judy has two volunteers (from Albany Co.) for the DA Services Committee. This committee will be looking at which UHLS services should be funded in upcoming UHLS budget. Their recommendations will be presented to DA for discussion soon.

Automated Services Committee, N. Pieri
UHLAN contracts have been distributed. Bill Saffady will be at the May 2 ASC meeting with draft recommendations. DRA responded to UHLS letter of complaint. Problems with renewal system were discussed. Motion (Hamblin, King) to load Web2 request system April 17. Carried.

Central Library, J. Cannell
Send item requests are being filled promptly each day since the hiring of two more APLM staff.

PLA report, C. Hamblin, S. Dallas
Carol and Sara have ordered tapes of several of the programs and will make them available. Theme of conference was the vision for future library services. Carol attended a session about the need for libraries to push their services, keep technology up-to-date, and make residents aware of what they offer or they will become obsolete. Sara attended a program on statistics. Circulation is going down in many libraries but they are being used differently. She will be arranging a program for member libraries with a SUNYA statistics professor to discuss gathering stats and how to use them.

X-card, N. Pieri
Some libraries are not red-lining out-of-county patrons. This must be done so libraries that charge out-of-county patrons have a visual cue at check-out.

UHLS Director Search Committee, J. Cannell, J. Felsten, A. Wachowicz
All three reps felt the search process was flawed. Several directors felt that UHLS staff should have only had initial involvement. Jeff reported that their comments were often petty and small-minded. Several directors felt that UHLS staff should not be involved in selecting their own supervisor and that UHLS staff should not be conducting the reference checks. J. Felsten felt the staff input was not as destructive as described. All three reps felt that the candidates finally selected comprised a qualified group. Further discussion on whether UHLS staff should continue to be involved and/or more directors should be participating. Motion (Nonamaker, Hamblin) for Search Committee to reconsider the makeup of the group and excuse the UHLS staff from any further participation in the process. Carried.

Meeting adjourned Noon.

Next Meeting: Friday, May 5, 9 am. Location TBA.
Submitted by P. Nonamaker.