Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, March 3, 2000 at UHLS

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM), Deb Canzano (COHS), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Judy Felsten (RCSC), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Carol Hamblin (GUIL), Paul Hicok (TROY), Margie Morris (POES), Pat Nonamaker (EGRN), Nancy Pieri (BETH), Gail Sacco (VOOR), Pat Sahr (NASS), Barbara Schoen (WTVT), Carol Trager (BRUN), Archa Wachowicz (RVLL), Lenny Zapala (MEND).
Visitors: Claude Caesar (UHLS), Sara Dallas (UHLS), Karen Nuckolls (UHLS)

Meeting convened 9:10 am.

1. Minutes
J. Felsten requested that Feb. 4 minutes be amended to reflect that C. Kovler was offered position to administer Books & Babies grant. Motion (Hamblin, Schoen) to approve February 4, 2000 minutes as amended. Carried.

2. UHLS: S. Dallas
NYLA Leg. Day: March 14. A carpool is leaving UHLS at 8 am. Lunch will be provided. Parking is also available at APL. Sara has appointments scheduled with most legislators and will send out the schedule and further information soon. G. Sacco suggested we use this opportunity to present our local needs to the legislators. Sara suggested we tie our needs to the NYLA proposal, using our own needs for construction funding, staff training, and/or technology equipment as examples.
Automation Services Consultant: Bill Saffady met with ASC (see below).
LSTA: Meeting on 3/22, 9-11am at UHLS to discuss 2001 LSTA grant ideas. All directors are invited.
Agendas for upcoming UHLS Committees:
Administration: customer service surveys, evaluation of UHLS as a "landlord" in light of budget changes, establishment of a system service committee (see J. Felsten Services report below).
Services: mini-grants, annual reports, (25 libraries turned in annual reports on time) central library, summer reading program coordination.

3. WIZ Committee: G. Sacco
Revised Web2 search screen was presented. Several revisions were suggested but consensus was that the product is adequate in light of the DRA software deficiencies. Requests and renewals were discussed. ASC had recommended the new product go public March 13. Further discussion centered on training and readiness of circulation staff since renewals were not part of previous training sessions and UHLS is not sure how the consortium policy parameters will work with renewals. (Motion (Hicok, Hamblin) to ask ASC to postpone loading revised Web2 screen for public use until April 17. Carried.

Sara will convene a meeting of the Circ/ILL workteams when Karen returns from DRA conference so member library staff can be introduced to Web2, trained on renewals/requests, and discuss implications of both on public service and policies. UHLS has mounted for staff to practice on the new product. Circ/ILL workteams will re-convene (at their regularly scheduled meeting, April 6) to review and evaluate. They will report to DA Exec. Committee, G. Sacco (WIZ chair), and Dave Worden (ASC Chair) on whether sufficient procedures and policies affected by the new services are in place. C. Hamblin will inform Dave Worden of the DA motion.

4. UHLS Board: J. Cannell
Because of schedule conflicts Jeff is unable to attend the monthly UHLS Board meetings as the DA liaison (2nd Wed. of each month at 4:30). Any volunteers? P. Hicok will consider.

UHLS Director Search Committee meets Monday, March 6 at 4:30 pm. All are invited.

5. Interest Groups: P. Nonamaker
New interest group: Maureen DeLaughter (COLN), Internet Librarian, is hosting the first meeting of the newly created Web Interest Group on March 23, Noon-2pm. Lunch included. Purpose of the group is to increase knowledge of Web design, instruction and collection development. It is open to any interested member library staff. Jo-Ann Benedetti is UHLS consultant contact.

Agenda of 1st meeting: Laura Cohen, Webmaster for the SUNYA library system will present Notes from the Trenches: Tips for Designing Effective Web Sites.

6. Services: J. Felsten
Sara is recommending that a committee of directors be organized to evaluate and make recommendations on new and existing UHLS services for the upcoming UHLS budget. Judy Felsten will send out an invitation for volunteers to serve on the committee. Their recommendations will be presented and discussed at a DA mtg. before going to UHLS Board and Finance Committee.

7. Automated Services Committee: G. Sacco
Automation Consultant Bill Saffady attended and asked about history and concerns with DRA. He intends to conduct 10 interviews among UHLS and member library staff in March. Present a draft report in April. He is concerned with the age of UHLS hardware. DRA classic is a 20-year old product so he was not surprised at our dissatisfaction. However, the problems will not be resolved since DRA is not putting any money into the product and does not even market it anymore. He thought more automation staff might be needed at UHLS. Recommended we move to a new product in 18-24 months. Unfortunately, the market for library automation systems is severely limited and we are faced with the same choice of vendors as 5 years ago.

8. Central Library: J. Cannell
Two more staff have been hired. This will help with filling send item list requests.

Meeting adjourned 11:50 am.

Next Meeting: Friday, April 7, 9 am at EGRN
Submitted by P. Nonamaker