Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, February 4, 2000 at UHLS

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Judy Felsten (RCSC), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Carol Hamblin (GUIL), Helen King (ALTM), Candace Lind (CAST), Daryl McCarthy (NGRN), Margie Morris (POES), Pat Nonamaker (EGRN), Richard Naylor (COLN), Nancy Pieri (BETH), Archa Wachowicz (RVLL), Lenny Zapala (MEND).
Visitors: Sara Dallas (UHLS)

Meeting convened 9:00 am.

1. Minutes
Motion (King Pieri) to approve January 7, 2000 minutes. Carried.

2. UHLS, S. Dallas
Director's Search: Job posted on LJ web, Lib Hotline, PubLib, Lib Jobs, NELI, CDLC libraries, UH, SALS/MVLA libraries. It was too late to be posted for ALA midwinter. There have been eight applicants. Deadline is Feb. 7.
Automation Services Consultant: One application has been received and two phone calls expressing interest with promises to have applications in by deadline Feb. 11. Applications will be reviewed by Automated Services and a selection made by Feb. 25. Project should start March 1 and completed June 15.
LSTA: Ann Gainer will be coordinating the Babies Need Books grants. Polly Alida Farrington is coordinating the Older Services grant.
Gates Funding: All libraries will probably be able to participate in some way either through cash grants (if community is >10% poverty level) or discounted purchases of equipment and software (if your community does not qualify by poverty level). Workshops begin summer 2000 and granting process should begin January 2001.
NYLA Leg. Day: March 14. It is especially important to be visible this year in light of Pataki's proposal to move libraries to Office of Cultural Resources and the Regents NOVEL proposal. Books, Bricks and Bytes proposes $10 million for construction funds, $12 million for NOVEL, $6 million to library systems for databases. Advocacy Workshop will be held on Feb. 8 at 9:15. DLD says they want to remain with State Education Dept. NYLA says stay out of the discussion. If asked, say more information is needed. NYLA will be releasing more details soon.
Filter Laws: John McCain has a bill tying filtering software to Erate funds. Sen. Santorium (of Rhode Island) has a softer approach - filtering software OR local policy in place.
UCITA: Uniformed Computer Information Transaction Act will allow large commercial entities the ability to build barriers (between licensees and licensors) to the free flow of information on the Internet.
Annual Reports: due Feb. 16
Mini-grants: due Feb. 11
Agendas for upcoming UHLS Services & Administration Committees:
Admin: results of library surveys, Director job description, using member library feedback in staff performance evaluations.
Services: automation study update, central library, summer reading program coordination.

3. UHLS Administration Committee, N. Pieri
January meeting cancelled.

4. Interest Groups, P. Nonamaker
A/V met 1/14 at BETH with the CEO of Prime Technologies, a Delmar firm that develops custom multimedia and web design. Next mtg. date TBA.
YS met 1/20 at COLN to discuss summer reading club packets, Books and Babies grant, YSS Conference in Glens Falls April 7. Next mtg. March 30 at APLM.
ILL met 2/3 to discuss upcoming patron request system and new software which made APLM first on the send item list. Because APL does not declare items missing for approximately five days, requests have been getting tied up at APL and not permitted to search at other libraries in the system. Beginning Feb. 7 APLM will declare items missing immediately if they are not on the shelf. Next mtg. April 6.
REF met 1/6 to share reference sources and discuss grant opportunities. The group chose to pursue NYCH grant that explores the Underground Railroad for February 2001. Rachel has distributed information to all libraries asking if they wish to participate. Next mtg. March 2 at GUIL with consumer health resources librarian J. Benedetti from Crandall.

5. Services, J. Felsten
Interim Service Plan: revising Older Services grant so P.A.Farrington could coordinate; opportunity to administer Books and Babies was offered to member libraries' staff but as no one came forward it was offered to C. Kovler, who declined. Discussion about an annual survey of system services. An additional stop at APLM was added to the delivery schedule.

6. Automated Services Committee, N. Pieri
UHLAN contract was approved. It went to UHLS attorney before going to UHLS Board for final approval. On-line retention of reports will be current year plus six months. K. Nuckolls proposed new material codes.

7. Central Library, J. Cannell
DLD notified APLM that Central Library funds cannot be used for juvenile resources such as Searchasauraus. However, APLM is planning to cover the cost of Searchasaurus this year out of it's own budget.

8. Nuts & Bolts
RCSC: distributing flyers through the local schools yielded a strong response to a writing workshop funded through an Ezra Jack Keats grant.
GUIL: now has a baby grand piano.

Meeting adjourned 10:30 am.

Next Meeting: Friday, March 3, 9 am at UHLS

Submitted by P.Nonamaker