Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, December 2, 1999 at Albany Public Library

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM), Deb Canzano (COHS), Bobbi Crowther (VAFL), Judy Felsten (RCSC), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Carol Hamblin (GUIL), Paul Hicok (TROY), Bob Jaquay (COLN), Helen King (ALTM), Barbara Kubli (STEP), Candace Lind (CAST), Daryl McCarthy (NGRN), Margie Morris (POES), Pat Nonamaker (EGRN), Nancy Pieri (BETH), Gail Sacco, (VOOR), Pat Sahr (NASS), Carol Trager (BRUN), Archa Wachowicz (RVLL), Lenny Zapala (MEND).

Visitors: Sara Dallas, Hemwatie Jaipershad, Bill Meredith

Meeting convened 9:00 am.

1. UHLS Board, Bill Meredith
Bill summarized UHLS Board actions in response to the motions passed at the November DA meeting regarding the UHLS 2000 budget.

Bill stated that member libraries need to communicate with their Board representative to keep them informed of concerns. He acknowledged Hemwatie's many accomplishments during her tenure at UHLS and offered best wishes for her retirement.

2. Minutes
Motion (Felsten, Pieri) to approve November 5, 1999 minutes. Carried.

3. UHLS, H. Jaipershad and S. Dallas
DRA Conference: DA needs to select a representative to attend conference in St. Louis. Most directors felt that Richard Naylor (COLN) or Lorraine Smi (VOOR) were capable of representing the Directors concerns. J. Cannell suggested that we determine if having tenure with the Conference would provide better representation. Motion (Sacco, King) that either R. Naylor or L. Smi attend the conference once the Executive Committee has determined if the DA is better served with a representative having attended a prior DRA Conference. Carried.

CDLC RAAC: R. Naylor has resigned his position as DA representative to CDLC's RAAC (Regional Automation Advisory Committee). J. Cannell and N. Pieri will ask their staff about serving. The committee meets irregularly at different locations in CDLC's service area. It is composed of representatives from public, academic, school and special libraries.

Automation Consultant RFP: Four consultants to evaluate DRA have been suggested: Susan Epstein, Diane Mahew, Wm. Saffady and Robert Burgin. Hemwatie said she would like to see a committee of Directors willing to work on the RFP. There is no specific timeline but she hoped that it would be completed by early spring. P. Hicok expressed concern about Epstein and suggested a proposal not be sent to her until someone had looked into her past connections with UHLS automation and her viability as a consultant. Motion (Sacco, Jaquay) that a committee be established to collaborate with UHLS on the development and implementation of the automation evaluation. Carried. B. Jaquay, C. Hamblin and H. King volunteered to serve on the committee.

Deliveries: The schedule is not finalized and a third route may need to be added. Sara emailed eveyone a copy of UHLS, member library and Corporate Express responsibilities. She is considering the use of a special orange tag to indicate to the Corporate Express driver which items need to be sorted on the truck. She will be requesting that libraries separate and tag (with the orange tag) the items that are going to all the libraries on their route later that day. Corporate Express drivers are not bonded, but are insured for over one million. The UHLS couriers were not ever bonded either. Some libraries expressed concern over security systems that need to be overridden and reset if the delivery occurs when the library is not open. Call Sara if this is a concern in your library.

If you would like Sara to come to the library with the Corporate Express driver to explain the delivery process she would be happy to do so…just let her know. If you don't need 5x/week delivery let Sara know. If UHLS closes for any reason there will be no deliveries. If a member library closes let UH know ASAP…the drivers can be contacted on their routes so the delivery can be cancelled. Motion (Sacco, King) thanking UHLS for being so responsive to the delivery process. Carried.

4. Liaisons
UHLS Board, Jeff Cannell
Jeff presented the issues and motions passed at the November DA meeting (see Bill Meredith's presentation above). Jeff was encouraged by the Board's response and their work to support the member libraries. G. Sacco asked if responsibility for Summer Reading Club is being assigned to someone. Hemwatie said they were working on interim assignments this month.
UHLS Administration Committee, Nancy Pieri
No report because the committee does not meet until December 6.
Interest Groups, Pat Nonamaker
AV: Julie Stump (VOOR) and Michael Farley (BETH) have volunteered to co-chair the AV Interest Group until a new Consultant is hired. Their next meeting is Dec. 14, 9:30 am at UHLS with Paul Rapp, an entertainment law expert, who will be discussing copyright issues.
ILL: met Dec. 2, the first time since April. Rachel said she was busy with erate applications but Hemwatie said the meetings are back on track now. EGRN and BETH felt that eight months was too long between meetings especially with no communication from the Consultant with the Interest Group members. B. Jaquay stressed the importance of members of the Interest Groups to communicate their concerns with each other and the Consultant.
Reference: September meeting notes are not on the Intranet. November meeting produced a bibliography that was only distributed to people who attended. Discussion of the importance of putting meeting notes, bibliographies and handouts on the Intranet so everyone can benefit from the meetings. Hemwatie will see that this is done.
YS: needs an interim chair. B. Jaquay will check with his staff.

Additional discussion about putting the UHLS newsletter on the Intranet...some felt it was too unwieldy, others felt it was very easy to print out. More discussion on the need for better indexing and standard dating of documents. S. Dallas invited everyone to a UHLS meeting about re-organizing the Intranet.

UHLS Services Committee, Judy Felsten
Judy presented the issues and motions passed at the November DA meeting (see Bill Meredith's presentation above). A pool collection chart was distributed but there was not time to discuss it.
Automated Services Committee, N. Pieri
Future decisions include how pin numbers are assigned and the maximum number of items that each patron class can request electronically.
All reports are available electronically rather than on paper beginning December 1.
UHLS is concerned that many new websites have been developed through grants and linked to the UHLS webpage and maintaining these sites will add to the responsibilities of the Automation staff. N. Pieri suggested that these sites be evaluated for usefulness.
Firewall: Rawdon is continuing to investigate.
Y2K preparedness: The current UPS (uninterruptable power supply) on the UHLAN system is good for 20 minutes. N. Pieri is still not satisfied that this is enough. Rawdon is looking into a generator. If anyone goes to their library the morning of January 1 to check out the system Rawdon will be at UHLS at 10:30 am. if you need to report a problem.

G. Sacco announced the WIZ committee was meeting 12/6 to discuss further changes to Web 2.

5. Central Library, Jeff Cannell
APL reopened December 1 to great publicity and public response.
New databases should be available in January. Novelist and iPage will continue to be available until the subscription runs out in early 2000.

6. Collection Agency, C. Hamblin
A meeting with a representative from Unique Management will be held at 11 am after the January 7, 2000 DA meeting. Anyone interested in participating or learning more is invited.

7. Other Business
90.3, P. Nonamaker
UHLS received a majority of approvals from member libraries to pass the Plan of Service.
UH Newsletter, J. Felsten
Judy had emailed Hemwatie her concern that the UH newsletter article about Consultants salaries was a misuse of the newsletter and taken out of context from the DA meeting where Consultants' salaries were discussed. Several other directors agreed. Hemwatie said it was unfortunate that the DA discussion was taken personally by some UH staff and apologized.
Evaluation of Consultant Positions, H. Jaipershad
The Consultants' current job descriptions are on the Intranet. Hemwatie is working with UHLS staff on a transition plan after her retirement. The Directors will be involved in defining the interim services that are important to maintain during the transition.
Jobbers, B. Kubli
Barbara announced that there is currently no discount for purchases from Ingram and suggested a Consultant see if something can be arranged. Hemwatie will look into it.
ILL Users Group, N. Pieri
A subcommittee of the ILL Interest Group has been established to examine how member libraries are counting ILL's in light of the send item system. There is some difference of opinion among libraries on what constitutes an ILL. The subcommittee will make recommendations so that all member libraries are collecting data in the same manner. This will make the annual report statistics consistent and meaningful.
Voorheesville URL, G. Sacco
Voorheesville has a new URL,
Novel, G. Sacco
The NYS proposal for a statewide library card to access an electronic library is actually going to make use of patrons' existing library cards from their local libraries.
UHLS Board Survey, G. Sacco
Gail tried twice to communicate with her Board representative about the survey. Several Directors indicated their Board representative either did not contact them or did not make it clear what the survey was about. Bob Jaquay emphasized that the Directors must communicate with their Board rep or they will not know our concerns. Gail felt that the Board reps should take more responsibility for communicating with the member libraries.
Piano, C. Hamblin
GUIL has raised almost enough money to purchase a piano.

8. Farewell, G. Sacco
Motion (Sacco, King) to thank Hemwatie on behalf of the Directors' Association for her hard work in support of the member libraries and to wish her well on her retirement. Carried.

9. Next Meeting
Friday, January 7, 2000, 9 am at Guilderland Public Library

Meeting adjourned 11:30 am. Submitted by P.Nonamaker