Director’s Association

Upper Hudson Library System
Friday, June 4, 1999

Attending: Jeff Cannell (APLM), Deb Canzano (COHS), Carol Gaillard (HOOF), Carol Hamblin (GUIL), Helen King (ALTM), Barbara Kubli (STEP), Daryl McCarthy (NGRN), Pat Nonamaker (EGRN), Nancy Pieri (BETH), Gail Sacco (VOOR), Karen Schneider (BRUN), Barbara Schoen (WTVL), Archa Wachowicz (RVLL).

Also attending: Hemwatie Jaipershad (UHLS), Ivana and Dajan, visitors

1. Welcome

2. Minutes

3. Liaison Reports
UHLS Board of Trustees: N. Pieri.

Interest Groups: P. Nonamaker

Services Committee: G. Sacco for J. Felsten

Automated Services: N. Pieri & G. Sacco

Special Topics: D. Canzano

The following recommendations were made at the last Pool Collection meeting:

Survey results and recommendations will be presented to the Services Committee Tuesday; July 13 at 4:30 pm. The meeting is open to all.

4. Central Library: J. Cannell

5. UHLS: H. Jaipershad

6. UHLAN Manual Review: G. Sacco

7. Regents Testimony: G. Sacco

8. International Visitors: G. Sacco

9. Nominating Committee: J. Cannell

Motion (King, Pieri) to approve DA slate of officers for 1999-2000: President, J. Cannell; Vice-President, B. Jaquay; Secretary, P. Nonamaker. Carried.

10. Nuts & Bolts

Meeting adjourned 10:45 a.m.