Director’s Association

Friday, February 5, 1999
Guilderland Public Library

Present: C. Hamblin (GUI), H. Jaipershad (UHLS), J. Feltson (RCS), J. Cannell (APL), N. Pieri (BTH), G. Sacco (VVL), A. Wachowicz (RVL), B. Crowther (VFL), P. Nonamaker (EGR), P. Sahr (NAS), C. Lind (CAS), K. Schneider (BRUN), H. King (ALT)

1. Minutes
January 8, 1999 minutes approved

2. Liaison Reports
UHLS Board: N. Pieri. No report. Jan. meeting cancelled due to inclement weather.

Automated Services Committee: N. Pieri

Interest Groups: P. Nonamaker

Services Committee: J. Felston

3. Central Library: J. Cannell

4. UHLS: H. Jaipershad

5. Personnel Issues: J. Cannell
"How to raise your salary as a library director"…periodic evaluations are a tool needed to take advantage of the opportunity to sell yourself…find out the areas in which your Board wants to see innovation/improvement/change…get the Board to buy into what you want for the library and where you think it should be headed…have a vision and articulate it…get out and advocate to local organizations, pols, money-shakers, key communicators in your community - all of which leads to increases awareness and financial support…market yourself at every opportunity.

6. The British Library: Richard Roman
Mr. Roman presented an overview of BL services: 1.) traditional service which includes subject research libraries along with reading rooms and exhibit areas in London and 2.) "remote" (equivalent to ILL) service in Boston Spa which fills 20,000 requests a day from around the world for books and periodicals. The largest users of remote service are the US and Japan. Over 2,000 organizations in the US use BL. BL remote services collection is typically research level material with an average periodical subscription price of $1600. Part of remote service is a web-based periodical database (not full-text) which includes over 10 million articles. For $13.50 plus copyright fee documents will be faxed within two-hours. BL refers to itself as the world's most accessible collection. RR will be speaking with GUI and UH about a one-year free subscription (value $800-1700).

Submitted by Patricia Nonamaker, EGRN