Adult Services Minutes

October 21, 2003
Meeting Notes

Attendees: Margaret Garrett, Debbie Shoup, Mary Trev Thomas, Jim Hobin, Jo-Ann Benedetti, Peter Kowalski, Rawdon Cheng.

Latest Horizon Update: Rawdon reported that the new version works as expected. What is possible to do in 7.2 we can do in 7.3, but the new features are still unknown. Cluster holds will improve the speed of placing requests. We are currently testing local priority and non-requests. We are planning to move on to Phase 3, when libraries will install 7.3 on their own workstations. The ASC will let us know which day will be the official switchover. Right now, December 12th is the projected date. We do expect a few hours of downtime; use PC Reliance during that time.

Remote Patron Authentication: Peter demonstrated the frames version. The downside of this option is there is no description of each database, computers with smaller resolutions would have to scroll to see the entire screen, and the url is buried. We agreed to wait to make any decisions about this until after the new Automation Services Manager comes on board. We need a big picture approach to the whole online database, authentication, and access issue.

IPAC-The ASC did not like the ASAC request for multiple boxes on the Basic Search page. Right now, it’s a drop-down box, which the ASAC feels is difficult for patrons to manipulate. There is no browse function with multiple boxes, only keyword searching. On the Advanced Search page, if a library is selected, it does not bring up the title at all if not owned by the library but owned by a different library. The ASAC would like the phrase “You are searching: Library/Select another library” to be moved below the Browse Search results, although this would duplicate the phrase on the screen. Peter will put it on the test server first to try it out, prior to the ASC meeting so it can be demo-ed there.

There is an occasional problem in IPAC of not allowing requests or renewals. It hasn’t happened in the last week though. Item specific requests are still being placed too frequently. BETH has statistics to show how frequently people are doing this, and will bring this information to the ASC.

The ASAC would like to have first screen be Basic Search, not the Select a Library screen. It is better for patrons to see all holdings information, including the home library, rather than having to switch from one screen to another to get the information. This recommendation needs to be brought to the ASC.

An indexing problem was discussed. Apparently, the word “I” is acting as a stop word, but should not be. This could be a cataloging issue. If this situation comes up, send the record to Mary Ellen.

Online Databases: Rachel went through the information requested – an email from LitFinder, a list of the resources included in Oxford Reference Online, the prices of various databases, the recommendations from the Youth Services Advisory Council.

Our recommendations to CLAC
Grangers – DROP
LitFinder – ADD
Grolier – DROP; consider World Book
Oxford Reference Online – ADD
Auto Repair Reference Center – DO NOT ADD
Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database – ADD
NYT Historical Backfile – ADD onsite (would be difficult for the remote user)
WilsonWeb Biography Reference Bank – ADD if possible

APLM and BETH have EBSCO enhancements– Academic Search Elite (useful for librarians, community college students, Empire State College students)

For the future, the group would like to have a workshop on how to teach people to use Learnatest; they would like to have several libraries get preferred pricing on large databases, such as Gale Literature Resource Center (WALDO might be an option – Rachel will explore this); and next year, we should consider EBSCO Academic Search Elite (also as an individual purchase).

Next meeting: November 20 at 9:30 AM (note time) at VOOR; bring calendars to set 2004 meeting dates.

For the next ASC meeting: