Adult Services Minutes

March 14, 2003

Attendees: Katie Quinn (APLM), Andrea Simmons (TROY), Suzanne Fisher (VOOR), Tom Barnes (GUIL), Karen Nuckolls (UHLS, Mary Trev Thomas (BETH), Jo-Ann Benedetti (UHLS), Peter Kowalski (UHLS), Rawdon Cheng (UHLS).

Process: Rachel will write up a list of recommendations for the ASC to approve (don’t rely on just the ASAC meeting notes).

Overall IPAC interface: Make it as simple as possible. Aim to the lowest common denominator because people who know how to use a computer will figure it out. Multiple search boxes on the first screen seem to be the most useable. We need to pressure Horizon to give us what we need. Karen described the efforts of UHLS and other libraries to get Dynix to fix the problems. Karen and Phil have been speaking with the President and Vice-President, sales rep, migration manager, etc. to try to rectify the difficulties.

Get people to the Copy/Holding section as soon as possible; sometimes you can’t see it on the screen. “Add to my list” and “Request Item” are confusing. Move the left hand column of information to the right side.

Browsing results need to be grouped, and each entry should have the book or media icon. Karen says that this is not a cataloging issue, but a display one. Peter thinks we should be able to do it, thereby eliminating a step. It may not be possible to batch them AND have each batch labeled with the media type icon, though this would be the optimal scenario.

Search All Libraries: On the initial IPAC screen, replace “Please select your library and click Begin” with “Search all libraries, or select one. Click Begin.”

On the Welcome screen and results screens, put the option “Select another library” after “You’re searching: Library.”

Limiting by iType: The ASC wants to know if we WANT to limit by iType, and if so, which ones? There are 57 iTypes, although they could be combined into about 12. These should be on the first screen: book, audiobook, music, video/DVD. Use a multiple select box if possible, rather than a drop down box; minimize scrolling if possible. Put “or” in between each box. Change the wording above so that it is clear not to type into more than one box.

Can’t be limited by large print. It would be custom programming to have it do that. Peter will explore this with Dynix. In the meantime, large print is a subject heading so can be found that way.

For serials or periodicals, there is a fixed field for them, so this can be a limit term, also.

Limiting by Media: Put the book symbol under the title on the Search Results. Put the Limit option up above the search boxes, so people can choose the type of item first.

Next page link: Make it bigger, and change to Next Page. Align it with right side of drop down box. After each title, put (location/details) as a clickable option.

Flip the order of “Add to my list” and “Request item” buttons, and move them up. On the item information page, put those buttons on the bottom of the page. “Please call your library to verify that this title is on the shelf” – make it a smaller and italicized font.

MARC fields: Make “Details” a clickable feature. Remove subjects.

Email feature: This feature is very useful when doing research and working as a group. It would be great to have the option to choose MLA or Chicago style for bibliographic citation.

Borrower ID: Add (no spaces) after the entry box.

Staff PAC modifications: Order of the searches is important: Title Browse, Author Browse, Subject Browse, General Keyword, Video Title Browse, Audio Book Title Browse, Barcode. Put Bestseller List at the end.

Scrolls too fast; can it be slowed down? Can “withdrawns” be removed? There is no keyboard stroke for Other Locations. This is something Dynix would have to change.

Call #: Ultimately, would like it to display the way the old DRA system did.

Privacy: Patron can use the back button to see the previous patron’s screen. There is supposed to be at time out. Peter will look into this.

Next Meetings: Friday, March 28, 2003 at 9:00 AM at UHLS. Topic: IPAC revisions.

Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 9:00 AM at UHLS. Topic: Marketing your library.

Adult Services Advisory Council

February - March 2003

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