Adult Services Minutes

February 14, 2003
Meeting Notes

Attendees - Eileen Williams (GUIL), Margaret Garrett (GUIL), Mary Trev Thomas (BETH), Ruth Sweet (TROY), Sue Dague (EGRN), Suzanne Fisher (VOOR), Jane Minotti (SNLK), Peter Kowalski (UHLS), Rob Carle (UHLS), Jo-Ann Benedetti (UHLS).

IPAC recommendations - The group reviewed the IPAC with Peter and Rob. We also looked at Google, Amazon, Ramapo Catskill Library System, and Boston Public Library. Based on our discussion, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. Look at the Hennepin County Public Library catalog to see an excellent example of an online library catalog.
  2. The Home/Welcome page (as opposed to the UHLS welcome page) is unnecessary. Most people will search from the initial page, which should be labeled a Search page.
  3. There are 3 “welcomes” on the screen, which is unnecessary.
  4. The initial search list should be: Keyword (any word), Title (starts with), Author (last, first) and subject (starts with). There was discussion about adding Video title, Audiobook title, and juvenile.)
  5. The Search Page should be the Home page (see Hennepin). If we use boxes instead of a drop down menu for initial search page, put the word "or" between the choices (Keyword or Title, etc). Remove the word “Series” and replace it with “Keyword.” What page does that refer to?
  6. There should be Basic Search and Advanced Search only.
  7. At any point, you should be able to choose “All libraries” to extend your search.
  8. There needs to be a way to get back to the UHLS Catalog Welcome page so that patrons can choose another profile.
  9. If the results are not satisfactory, there needs to be an option for the patron, such as “This item may be available at other libraries. Click here to search their catalogs.”
  10. On the results list page (see Hennepin), there should be icons signifying which items are books, audios, etc.
  11. On the item list, have a link to member library information.
  12. On the item page, you have to scroll to the left to see everything. It would be better to have the column on the right side rather than on the left.
  13. It would be worthwhile to have a meeting with all contingents about the language to be used in the IPAC, so that it is consistent among libraries.

Questions - We need further clarification on the following:

Process - The Adult Services Advisory Council will meet frequently to work on short lists of IPAC changes. We will then bring our recommendations to the ASC and to the Directors Association for consideration. Mary Trev agreed to represent the Council to explain our thinking to those groups. She will need a laptop to demo as needed. Communication via email to the group is highly preferred.

Training - Rob will put instructions for the IPAC on the Intranet, such as how to change the font. He will be back out to the libraries to continue Horizon training. In the near future, he will be conducting online database training. Call him at 437-9880 x. 238 to set up a training session at your library.

Placing requests for your items only - Rob demonstrated how to do this. Don’t use the All Libraries option. Click on the item title. Click on Request Copy, then on the specific copy location. In the staffpak, click on This Copy Only.

Online database statistics - Rachel distributed a handout describing the procedures for obtaining reports on useage. The information is also on the UHLS Intranet.

Next meetings
Friday, March 14, 2003 at UHLS. Topic: More IPAC discussions.
Thursday, April 3, 2003 at VOOR. Topic: Marketing your library.