Adult Services Minutes

December 10, 2002
Meeting Notes

Attendees: Mary Trev Thomas, Debbie Shoup, Jim Hobin, Margaret Garrett, Suzanne Fisher, Bobbi Crowther, Jo-Ann Benedetti (notes)

Implementation Team Members: Pat Nonamaker, Phil Ritter, Richard Naylor, Karen Nuckolls

Implementation Team: Members of the Implementation Team had asked to meet with the ASAC to provide information about the migration, and that attendees communicate with their directors about this meeting. Some of the topics discussed:

2003 Online Full Text Databases: The Central Library Advisory Committee has agreed to make the following online databases available to all 29 member libraries of the Upper Hudson Library System, through the generous support of our Central Library - Albany Public Library. Beginning in January 2003, these databases will be offered on the UHLS web site for in-library and remote use, except where noted:

The Learnatest database will be available through 2003 as well.

The online database program will continue to be maintained by the UHLS Adult & Information Services Department with technical assistance from the UHLS Systems Department. Rachel will plan an EBSCO training session for late winter/early spring, and a trial database demonstration in June.

Programming Survey Results: UHLS sent out a survey to adult and reference services staff asking about ASAC dates, times, program topics, attendance, etc.

2003 ASAC Program Planning: Based on the topics suggested by a recent survey, the UHLS Adult Services Advisory Council has planned its meetings/programs for 2003. The survey of adult services and reference librarians also recommended preferred dates, times and locations of the meetings. All programs will be held from 9:30 - 11:30 AM, and attendees are to bring a reference work to pass around and discuss. Meetings will alternate on Thursdays and Fridays, and at different host libraries in Albany and Rensselaer counties.

Joint Youth Services AV Meeting: The ASAC would like to have a joint meeting with the Youth Services Advisory Council (YSAC) to discuss AV collection development and acquisitions. Rachel will arrange this with Mary after she discusses it with the YSAC.

Adult Summer Reading Program: The Youth Services Advisory Council thought the ASAC might be interested in trying out a system-wide adult summer reading club. The group felt that: 1. existing book discussion groups could continue through the summer; 2. reading rewards and prizes might be considered too childish for adults; 3. parents are usually too busy to attend programs in the summer; 4. other family-oriented programs might work better to involve everyone in reading; 5. establishing adult reading criteria is too problematic. The group agreed that libraries are welcome to try out a summer reading program for adults on their own. UHLS will maintain a file of ideas for any library that would like to pursue this. The ASAC would like to see UHLS do a block booking for a local author during the summer. Suggested writers: Ms. A. Randall Bentley (Gone By Water); Bernie Conners (Tailspin), or perhaps someone from Yaddo.

Reference Works: Suzanne Fisher brought two volumes from the series American Popular Culture Through History (Greenwood Press, 2002; ISBN 0313316023; $49.95 each). Suzanne thought these books were excellent for student reports on specific decades. Although the text is boring to read, there is a lot of information on advertising, youth, architecture, design, fashion, food, leisure activities, literature, music, theater, travel, art, and costs of products.

Next Meeting: Friday, February 14, 2003 at 9:30 AM at SNLK.