Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.

-- Lady Bird Johnson

Featured Library

Poestenkill Library

Public libraries are often characterized as beacons of knowledge and possibility in their communities. Usually, though, the library’s role as a beacon is metaphorical.

Not so the Poestenkill Library in December. During the dark days of early winter, this small library gets decked railings to rooftop with thousands of brightly colored lights, wreaths, and candles, courtesy of generous and loyal Poestenkill residents. The lights are part of a unique and successful library fundraising effort, The Holiday Lights Appeal. Each light represents a donation to the library.

While the lights are a literal beacon to those in need of illumination, Poestenkill Library has much to offer in the metaphorical beacon department as well. Whether you’re curious about local history, keeping chickens, or 3D printing, this small library offers users the breadth and depth of knowledge found not only in its own collections and connections, but in those of the other 28 Upper Hudson libraries as well – all from one cozy, charming building.

Now that’s public library service worth shining a light on!


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